Architectural Control Committee

Architectural Control Committee

All current Board Members are currently acting members of the Architectural Committee. Please e-mail us if you are interested in volunteering.

The Architectural Control Committee was created by the developer to implement the plan of subdivision for the Property and to maintain a high standard of construction and appearance for the benefit of the homeowners of Easterly Lakes Subdivision. The committee chair and its members are selected by the Board.

Submission of Plans Prior to commencement of any work on a Lot, including any grading or clearing (other than weed or trash removal), the Owner of a Lot shall submit to the Committee a set of plans and specifications for the construction or remodeling of all residences, garages, buildings, fences and walls, swimming pools, greenhouses, and other significant improvements which must conform in all respects to these restrictions and applicable zoning ordinances and must show the proposed location of each improvement. No work may commence on any Lot until the approval of such plans has been given by the committee. No construction may proceed except in accordance with submitted plans as approved. No building on any Lot may become or continue to be occupied while there exists on such Lot any construction or activity not in accordance with these restrictions. Such Plans shall be considered as submitted for approval only when they have been delivered to the Chairman of the committee or to all other committee members. The following must be submitted:

(a) A copy of the plans or drawings and specifications which must show all exterior materials, finishes and designs;

(b) A plot plan showing the location of all improvements.

Other proposals to be brought before the Committee shall be submitted in writing in detail. Plans and other proposals may be retained in the files of the Committee for a period of five (5) years from date of submission.

Review of Plans The Committee may issue its written approval or disapproval of such plans or proposals submitted to it anytime within thirty (30) days after submission. Failure of the Committee to act upon properly submitted plans or proposals within thirty (30) days of submission shall constitute approval thereof.

Duration of Approval In the event work pursuant to approved plans or proposals in not commenced within one (1) year of the date the plans or proposals are approved (or deemed approved) and continued with reasonable diligence thereafter, then the approval of such plans or proposals shall expire and, prior to commencement or continuation of any further work, the Owner shall submit to the committee a current set of plans and specification for approval pursuant to these restrictions.

Standards for Review In approving or disapproving such plans, the Committee shall require new construction and repair or remodeling to be consistent with these restrictions and applicable zoning ordinances. The Committee shall also require the exterior design and color of all construction, repair, and remodeling of all residences, fences, walls and other improvements to be in harmony with the exterior design and color of those existing on the Property to the extent that such construction, repair, and remodeling does not to any extent detract from the value of the Property or any Lot.

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